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The Tamil people live in the southern part of India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Their Dravidian Language is spoken in those places and variations thereof can be found as far up as Pakistan and Nepal as well as Singapore, Malaysia and even Madagascar.

I mention this because it confirms the Tamils beliefs that they come from a now sunken continent from which their ancestors fled to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar. In ancient Tamil accounts this sunken continent is referred to a variety of names but today it is called "Kumari Kandam" or Lemuria.

Of course this neatly agrees with all other ancient sources elsewhere saying that there was a massive flood that submerged all the land - an idea that modern academia totally rejects. And guess what? The first people of Madagascar are not Africans or Arabs, as the vicinity would suggest, but Austronesians.

A Dictionary Project of the Government of Tamil Nadu (the Government of South India) published the following Timeline for the History of the Tamil people:

200 000 to 50 000 BC: Evolution of the Tamil and their Language
50 000 BC: Kumari Kandam Civilization
16 000 BC: Kumari Kandam Submerged
6087 BC: Second Tamil Kingdom established
1780 BC: Third Tamil Kingdom established

Flying chariots

Scientists have acknowledged that the language, the people, the culture and the literature are some of the oldest to be found on earth - anywhere.

Scientists have acutally uncovered a large amount of giant eggs and skeletons of Sauropods (huge Reptilian Dinosaurs) in the area. I mention this because some of the sangam (the oldest Tamil literature, most of which is lost) mentions Reptilian-like beings living alongside humans.

Ancient Tamil literature may also be among the earliest to mention flying chariots, a concept later discovered in other cultures and religious texts.

Tamil researchers seem to have discovered that their language went through a De-Evolution rather than an Evolution. They refer to the language as it was thousands of years ago to the "golden age" of their language. This would seem to confirm the idea of an advanced civilization in pre-history.

Tamil Nadu is also the home of Jainism a Religion that is of unknown and mysterious origins of which some rumor it was carried down from the pre-flood days. This image depicts the rather advanced looking Cosmology of Jainism.

Adams bridge

Western Academics have been harsh in trying to debunk the Tamils history. One reason for this must be that  it does not match western views of History. Another is of course that after such a long time evidence supporting it is hard to come by. However, once in a while evidence comes along that makes you scratch your head and ask: "What if...?". One such pieces of evidence is known as Adams Bridge.

Geological Survey of India (GSI) carried out a special programme called “Project Rameswaram” that concluded that age data of corals indicate that the Rameswaram island has evolved since 125,000 years ago.

Geological evidence suggests that this bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka. It confirms Tamil legends about the area being above water in ancient times. But not only that, the Bridge also confirms Hindu legends. The name Rama's Bridge or Rama Setu (Sanskrit; setu: bridge) was given to this bridge of shoals in Rameshwaram, as Hindu legend identifies it with the bridge built by the Vanara (monkey-men) army of Rama , which he used to reach Lanka and rescue his wife Sita from the Rakshasa king, Ravana, as stated in the Sanskrit epic Ramayana.

Archaeologists have found evidence of human settlements in Sri Lanka ranging back an incredible 500 000 years (or, according to more conservative estimates 125 000 years). There is evidence of modern human man residing in Sri Lanka as far back as 34 000 BC.


Sri Lanka also features subterranean cave systems which inhabited people. Evidence was found for human habitation in complex cave and underground tunnels as far back as 2700 BC. Buddhists, who arrived later, turned these habitations into Temples.

I mention this because just like the pre-flood and post-flood myths from China, South America and the Middle East, Hindu Mythology, Tamil Mythology and Sri Lankan Mythology mention subterranean dwellers, as well as Giants that lived in pre-flood times. Mahasona is the name of an ancient Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) Giant who later become a demon in folklore.

Finally, what Tamil Nadu is best known for are the most ancient "skyscrapers" in the world. Believe it or not, there are more than 33000 of these scattered across the land and some of them are thousands of years old.

Several years ago the BBC published an article regarding a 9,000 year old sunken city off the coast of India.


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  1. "Great Information, Great Peoples"

  2. we tamizhans are always great. but the problem is we ourselves don't respect or understand or even respect them. pls try talk in proper tamizh atleast

  3. தமிழர்கள் நாம் இவ்வுலகின் முதற்குடிகள் நம் தமிழ் மொழி இவ்வுலகின் முதல் மொழி ஆனால் இன்று தமிழனதும் தமிழ் மொழியினதும் நிலை மிக மோசமானது

  4. I've just come across this... The information is amazing! Kristina

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  6. Naan Oru Sooriyakula Thondral Kshathriyan enbadhaivida, Naan Mukkan Mudhalvanin pouthiran, (Vanniyan), enbadhaivida Naan Oru THAMIZHAN enbadhil Magilchi kolgiren.
    Unarthuvom im olagagittru NAAM THAMIZHAR, "UMMAI URUVAAKINOR ENDRU".

    "Vaazhga em makkal, Vaazhga nam THAMIZH THAAI"


  7. namba aalungaluke itha pathi vizhipunarve illaye!!! varuthama iruku..

  8. india is just not taking enough care for important things like these. we are knowing our history by others. we have to spread .

  9. Its contradictory about Kumari Kandam and Adams bridge. If there was a land between India and Srilanka or rather if India and Srilanka were a part of the same continent. Why a bridge has to be built by Rama ???

  10. My Question is why GOD destroys the kumari kandam. Eventhough that kumarikandam is joiendb with australia and madagaskkar,in between places only sunk in the water why? why malaysia didnt sunk,why south india does sunk,But why that particular kumari kandam is sunked in the sea?why?


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